Minutes Annual meeting 11th May 2016

Annual meeting of Burghill Parish Council Wednesday 11th May 2016 at 7.30pm Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair) Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Ian Watkins, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey, David Warren, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty, Dilys Price, Antoinette Powell, Pat Eagling,
Beryl Staite, Sally Robertson.

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Herefordshire Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, NDP steering group chair Anthony Vaughan, NDP steering group member Andy Ronneback, 8 members of the public

1. Election of chair and vice chair: Mark Ellis elected chair (proposed by AP seconded by MD) Alan Stokes elected vice chair.

2. Apologies for absence: David Bishop and Alister Walshe

3. To receive declarations of interest recorded in book: Antoinette Powell, Alan Stokes and Mark Ellis declared personal interest in item 6b.

4. Minutes – of meeting held on 13th April 2016 agreed, signed by chair and adopted by the PC. Clerk explained that minutes record decisions and actions only.

5. Neighbourhood Development Plan: presentation by Claire Bradley of Kirkwells on progress of the NDP process and land allocations in view of the recent planning application for the site between Tillington and Roman Roads.
The option of waiting until the after the outcome of the application was discussed, steering group recommended continuing to the next stage as a further pause would be required if another site was submitted for planning and the process could be never ending. Claire Bradley supported this view, recommended continuing so the plan becomes a document that will have weight with the planning authority. AV asked the PC for approval to amend the plan for submission to the PC for further approval to submit to HC for the next stage of public consultation. MD proposed that the plan be amended with feedback received from Kirkwells for approval at the June parish council meeting, proposal was agreed. Chairman thanked Claire Bradley for attending the meeting.

6. Planning: to consider the following applications

a) Presentation by Julie Joseph, Planning Consultant, on proposals for land adjacent to Tillington Cricket Club: item postponed until June meeting.
b) Consider and agree response to planning application 160978 Burlton Court Farm (construction of agricultural machinery and implement storage building). Concern expressed regarding removal of mature trees and hedgerow, which provide shielding to residential properties in St Mary’s Lane. MD mentioned that the exit onto the A4110 does not have the visibility expected of an exit onto a road with a 60mph limit. The site owner, Mr Powell, disputed the removal of the trees and hedge, and confirmed that no mature trees would be removed, only smaller trees. A comprehensive drainage scheme has been drawn up which Mr Powell is confident will address the drainage issues raised. No extra traffic was envisaged as the machinery currently stored outside at the site will be stored in the building, which is proposed specifically for safe indoor storage. Resident of St Mary’s also outlined concern regarding lack of screening and operating hours, and requested continued consultation and negotiation. PC resolved to request an extension to the consultation period to allow the PC to facilitate a meeting the developerment owner, neighbours and a representative of the PC, for a report to the next meeting.
c) Consider and agree response to application for work covered by a TPO at The Laurels Tillington 161351 (proposal to fell a sycamore tree). No objection.
d) Applications update – circulated and noted.

7. Public participation session: Discussion about the next stage of the NDP and how it will be published.

8. Resolved to appoint the following officers:

a) Commons Working Group: D Bishop, A Stokes, P Groves, P Eagling. Pat Eagling will co-ordinate the common inspection in conjunction with Tree Warden (subsequently asked by David Bishop to be excused from the Commons Working Group due to other commitments).
b) Tree Warden: Mr Terry Peters supported by Bernie Green.
c) Simpson Hall representative: D Price
d) Copse Leisure Trust representatives: I Watkins & M Ellis
e) Footpaths officer: previously M Doughty
f) Emergency Co-ordinator clerk ask HC if all PC’s still need an emergency co-ordinator.

9. Update from HC Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
Small holdings disposal plan has been actioned and an agent appointed, although complaints have been submitted to the ombudsman.
Supported housing programme for young people had its funding removed.
No1 Ledbury Road has been given 12 months to continue the support service.
Proposals for Nelson House and Elgar House are going to cabinet for costings to be approved to make them fit for purpose (council offices).
Pauline has been involved in 110 planning applications in the first year of term as councillor.

10. Finance

a) Annual accounts for 2015/16, annual audit return and risk assessment considered; approved and signed by chair for submission to external auditors.
b) payment of invoices approved:
H Philpotts (clerks salary and expenses) £501.11
Came & Co insurance renewal (year 2 of 3 year agreement) £333.07
R Mills (P3 work) £362.40
Andy Ronneback (NDP expenses) £8.34
Simpson Hall (meeting room fees) £197.75
cheque to Lawrence Dray reissued as original lost (clerk checked with bank and confirmed not presented).

11. Lengthsman & P3 scheme update, report work for the lengthsman and potholes etc to Balfour Beatty

12. Commons update: outcome of inspection to go onto next agenda, clerk to advertise availability of haycrop in next parish newsletter.

13. Notice boards: clerk to obtain new boards where necessary ME offered golf club maintenance staff for installation.

14. Website update: SR and clerk to work together to update website.

15. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates: JP reported that the PC needs to update financial regulations; JP, AS and DW to meet to draft a document for submission to June meeting.

16. Update on process for recruitment of new clerk: clerk to report to next meeting.

17. Items for next meeting: Planning application at Burlton Court Farm, presentation on proposals for land next to Tillington Cricket Club, Revised NDP, financial regulations.

18. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 8th June 2016