Minutes Extraordinary meeting 15 April 2015

Extraordinary meeting held Wednesday 15 April 2015 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Sue Rix, Antoinette Powell, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty, David Warren, David Bishop, Dilys Price, Alister Walshe, Janette Pudsey

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, NDP Steering Group chair Anthony Vaughan, approx 60 parishioners

1. Apologies for absence – Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Roger Davies, Ian Watkins

2. Declarations of interest: David Warren item 5c; Mark Ellis items 5c and 5d; Alister Walshe item 5d.

3. Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 11th March 2015 accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and adopted by the parish council (proposed by Pat Groves seconded by Janette Pudsey) minutes signed by the chair.

4. Public participation session– Joe Helme (emergency co-ordinator for the parish) reported that nothing to report since setting up emergency procedures for the parish council 6 years ago however Joe would now like to to stand down and asked for someone to take on the role. Annual report of Simpson Hall is available from the secretary and all events are on the village website, Shirley Jenkins is retiring at caretaker at the end of April; until the role is appointed please see website and parish magazine for details of contacts. On behalf of the Simpson Hall Management Committee Joe thanked PC for the donated funding, which will be put towards replacing the carpet upstairs.

5. Planning

a) applications update: agricultural building at Lower Burlton, HC’s planning officer is waiting for more information but if he is mindful to approve Ward Councillor Sally Robertson has asked that it be put before the planning committee for determination.
b) Presentation by Ian Stevens, Savills on behalf of Farmcare (former Co-op Fruit Farms) on their role in the community and plans for the future, also Richard Quinn Chief Executive and local manager William Barnett. Sites have been submitted for possible development within the parish; Farmcare are looking for feedback, and indicated that if sites put forward are locally considered to be unsuitable they would not be developed. Farmcare were asked if any future plans for the redevelopment of existing buildings could be communicated to the parish council.
c) Presentation by Mark Owen of Owen Hicks Architecture on the proposed development of Pyefinch Meadow, Burghill: Preapplication advice sought May 14 when the site was originally identified for 50 houses but current proposal is for 28. Outline planning application is planned following consultation with the parish council and local residents. The proposal includes 35% affordable housing, the location of which is yet to be decided. The road within the site would be an adopted road with a cycle path crossing. A SUDS drainage system is being proposed. Flood risk assessment carried out. An ecology study has been completed. Hedges will be altered to improve visibility at junctions; loss of trees will be compensated for within the landscaping scheme.
Plans include a system for the collection of rainwater in a holding tank with pumps which would only be needed during times of heavy rain.
Mark Owen took feedback and questions from neighbours and residents and confirmed that the proposal had been circulated at an early stage for local consultation and the feedback taken would be incorporated into the scheme submitted. Mr Owen was supported by two members of his architectural team who took notes of the questions and comments raised.
d) Southbank, Woodfields Farm (former pig farm at Tillington) revised proposal received prior to planning application being submitted. Main concern locally is that Badnage Lane and the junction with Tillington Road will be unable to cope with an additional 5 houses (scheme has been reduced from original proposal for 10 houses). A resident suggested that the developer be asked to fund the creation of passing places in Badnage Lane. Safety at the junction of great concern especially as the local bus uses the junction as a turning point.
e) The parish council resolved to submit an objection to the proposed development of 20 houses adjacent to St Mary’s Park, on grounds of sustainability, unsuitable access and highway, harm to the rural character and appearance, issues surrounding drainage, and local feedback during the Neighbourhood Development Plan process not supporting this site.
f) Planning application 150846 Cherry Trees, Tillington single storey garden room extension: neighbour in attendance supported the application, PC resolved to submit a response also supporting the proposal.
g) Request from parishioner to amend submission to Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy consultation in respect of Tillington and common ground. PC resolved to not to amend the submission.
h) Update on unauthorised tipping on farmland in Burlton Lane: chair reported that trade waste has been removed and building waste has been crushed but not removed. The site has been tidied up. PC to continue to monitor the site and immediately report any further tipping.

6. Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson
HC’s Core strategy: another consultation being undertaken as HC has got its figures wrong, deadline of 1st May to submit further objections (deadline subsequently extended) Anthony Vaughan agreed to work with the NDP steering group and clerk to draft comments for submission.
Burghill in Bloom 8th and 9th July
Sally thanked the PC for its support and assistance over her terms as ward councillor, and invited all present at the meeting for farewell tea and cake on 26th April at Simpson Hall. The chair responded by voicing the opinion of the entire PC that Sally has been the most committed and hardest working ward councillor the parish has known, the PC is very sad to lose her and thanked her for her considerable dedication and effort on behalf of the parish and ward.

7. Finance: Clerk circulated updated financial projection on website development, including extra hours for training and one hour per week for clerk until a PC administrator is appointed for day to day running. PC instructed the clerk to continue with the project.

8. Neighbourhood Plan

a) update from Steering Group (NPSG) AV outlined the current information released from HC regarding the Core Strategy and the changes announced that the growth targets have been considerably increased. Steering group will draft a response for approval PC and submission to HC .
b) proposal for NPSG to submit further grant application for funding towards Neighbourhood Plan. Clerk instructed to liaise with Anthony Vaughan and Andy Ronneback to submit an application

9. Date of next meeting – 13th May 2015 – two meetings: Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm followed by Annual Meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm