Minutes of Annual Meeting held 13th May 2015

Wednesday 13th May 2015 at 7.30pm Simpson Hall

Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Pat Groves, Alister Walshe, Martin Doughty, David Bishop, David Warren, Antoinette Powell, Roger Davies, Janette Pudsey, Pat Eagling, Sally Robertson

In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Antony Vaughan (Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group chair) 13 members of the public
Agenda item Action owner Dead line

1 Election of chair and vice-chair: resolved unanimously to appoint Mark Ellis as chairman (proposed by JP seconded by AP) and Alan Stokes as vice-chairman (proposed by AP seconded by RD).

2 Code of Conduct, Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Declarations of Registrable Interests: clerk circulated current Code of Conduct for all councillors to read and retain, all councillors signed and returned to clerk Acceptance of Office forms, and were asked to complete and return to Herefordshire Council (HC) Declaration forms. Action owner all Dead line 31May

3 Apologies for absence: Ian Watkins, Dilys Price, Bernie Green

4 Discussion regarding flytipping with HC’s Community Enforcement Officer Keith Eyles: recent surge in flytipping in the county and in Burghill 4 in the last months, Keith explained that it is a criminal offence and can result in a criminal conviction. Recently challenged individual attempting to flytip in Burlton Lane was visiting a property in Burghill he will be receiving a warning from Manchester Police. HC work closely with the police to identify offenders and prosecute wherever possible. Keith asked everyone to be vigilant and pass on as much detail as possible of any suspect flytipping incidents.

5 Two councillor vacancies: Unanimously agreed to co-opt Sally Robertson (AP proposed JP seconded) and David Bishop to the PC (ME proposed RD seconded).

6 Officers appointed to working groups:

a) Commons Working Group ( R Davies, D Bishop, A Stokes, P Groves, P Eagling)
b) Tree Warden (previously R Davies)
c) Simpson Hall representative (D Price)
d) Copse Leisure Trust representatives (I Watkins & M Ellis)
e) Footpaths officer (M Doughty)
f) Emergency Co-ordinator (previously Joe Helme) defer to July meeting clerk to ask Joe for job description and emergency procedures and advertise in the parish magazine, or ask parishioner Colin Palmer if he would be prepared to take on the role. Action owner HP Dead line 9 June
g) Website co-ordinator Sally Robertson
h) Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group : Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey (chaired by parishioner Anthony Vaughan).

7 Declarations of interest: recorded in the book.

8 Minutes of meeting held 15th April 2015: resolved to accept as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair (proposed by MD seconded by JP).

9 Public participation session not taken up

10 Pauline Crockett was congratulated on her recent successful election as the new Herefordshire Council member for Queenswood (newly formed ward replacing Burghill, Holmer and Lyde) and was welcomed to the PC meeting.

11 Planning

a. Applications update: clerk informed the PC of the application being lodged for Pyfinch and that another extraordinary meeting would be required to discuss and agree response. Clerk also confirmed she would be delivering a notification to all properties close to the site.
b. Discuss and agree response to application 151191 2 Club Houses, Tillington (conservatory on rear extension) AW agreed to visit neighbours, if they are happy clerk to submit a no objection response.
b) Discuss and agree response to application 151110 Three Shires Nurseries, Canon Pyon (proposed change of use to 2 Romany Gypsy pitches and associated works including 2 static caravans, 2 day rooms, 2 touring caravans). AS reported that he had spoken to most neighbours, and concern had been expressed regarding the size of the proposal, highways issues within the lane and at the junction (2 fatalities in recent years in very close proximity to the junction with the A4110). The site is also in a flood zone; one which is prone to flooding, drainage is highly likely to be an issue. The application mentions connection to existing septic tank however this was thought only just capable of dealing with sewerage for one mobile home and would be inadequate for an additional 4 families/households. It was thought the application was comparable to two 3 bed dwellings and therefore not sustainable due to proximity of local services will mean occupants will be reliant on vehicle use to reach all services (school, shop, community centre, pub etc). 800 meters is considered to be walking distance this is over 2k in all directions. If the PC were considering the application as a standard residential application it would be objected to as unsustainable.
Public present at the meeting were invited to give their comments which included:
land not suitable due to flooding; neighbour opposite had problems with flooding; traffic has become an increasing issue. Another neighbour disputed the design and access statement stating an addition two cars and two vans for the whole site, thought at least two vehicles per plot/caravan. Neighbours have seen the site sandbagged to prevent it from flooding which is a problem at this point in the lane.
It was thought that size of the plot would be insufficient for the number of pitches proposed.
The PC resolved unanimously (proposed by AS seconded by PG) to submit the following objection:
Objection on the grounds that the site is in an unsustainable location, the occupants of the site would be reliant on vehicle use to access all services.
The site access is very close to an increasingly hazardous junction with below standard visibility for traffic emerging onto the A4110 where the national speed limit applies. Additional volume of traffic in the lane generated by the use of the site will exacerbate the existing road safety problem; there have been 2 fatalities in this area in recent years.
There is a history of flooding in the immediate area around the site.
The proposal includes connection to an existing septic tank sewage system; the existing system is considered by the PC to be inadequate to support an additional 4 families, and combined with the existing flooding problem in the area potential faecal ground contamination is of considerable concern.
The application suggests that approval of this application would improve a derelict and untidy site. Such a decision would set a dangerous precedent, encouraging land owners to allow sites to become an eyesore to support applications for development in open countryside simply to improve a deliberate deterioration of a landscape.
Development of the site as suggested in the planning application, would seriously harm the rural character of the area and breach development plan policies
The site has already had a refusal of planning permission for a dwelling.
a. Application 151240 land to the rear of Pyfinch House, change of use from agricultural land to a garden, PC resolved to object on basis that it would represent development in open countryside, which would harm the rural character of the area.
b. Considered draft of final response to HC’s Core Strategy (deadline extended to 22nd May) and agreed to submit representation as per draft prepared by NDP steering group and circulated with agenda. Clerk to submit.


12 Highways and Footpaths

a. Update on Lengthsman and P3 schemes – clerk and MD work together with lengthsman to write and submit an action plan for the two schemes.
b. Report any highway defects for passing on to HC – none highlighted but will be passed to the clerk as necessary.

13 Finance

a) Considered and approved annual accounts for 2014/15, annual audit return approved and signed by the chair (proposed by AS seconded AW).
b) Considered and approved payment of invoices: (AS AW)
H Philpotts salary and expenses £884.92
R Mills lengthsman £1161.00 and £282.00 (£1443.00)
HALC annual subscription and NALC affiliation £703.75 (last year £617.28)
HALC training for clerk £30.00
Heather Worth, internal audit services, £40.00
c) Considered insurance renewal £336.03 (last year £327.06) or three year agreement at £319 accepted three year agreement.

14 Neighbourhood Plan: update from Steering Group (NPSG) all expenditure and other decisions must come to PC via the clerk, who will call a meeting if necessary. Steering Group meetings must be before PC meetings with sufficient time to circulate information for decision making and to avoid calling extraordinary meetings unless absolutely necessary.

15 Correspondence: Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates, Police report circulated and noted

16 Items for next meeting: extraordinary meeting to be held on Tuesday 9th June to discuss planning application for Pyfinch.

17 Date of next meetings: Tuesday 9th June and Wednesday 8th July 7.30pm