Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held 9th February 2015

Monday 9th February 2015 at 7pm Simpson Hall

Present: Mark Ellis (chairman), David Bishop, Janette Pudsey, Sue Rix, Roger Davies, Antoinette Powell, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty, Dilys Price, Bernie Green
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, Parish Clerk Hazel Philpotts, Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Chair Anthony Vaughan, several parishioners and their representatives.

1 Apologies for absence received from: David Warren, Alan Stokes and Alister Walshe.

2 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: David Bishop declared an interest in item 5a and 5b (farms next to Burghill Grange). Mark Ellis informed the meeting that he is now owner of Burghill Valley Golf Club and has submitted a revised declaration of interest to Herefordshire Council’s monitoring officer.

3 Minutes: of meeting held on 14 January 2015 accepted and signed by chair (proposed by Pat Downes, seconded by Antoinette Powell).

5 Planning – consider response to the following applications:

a) Burghill Grange – remodelling of single storey garages to create office space, adding an additional first storey. The application was discussed and it was resolved to submit a response stating that the PC supports this application and considers it to be an improvement to the existing building.
b) Burghill Grange – construction of a new 1.5 storey dwelling on the site of former greenhouses and outbuildings: the application was discussed and the Neighbourhood Plan consultation feedback was outlined (against the application). Sustainability was thought to be an issue. It was mentioned that the proposal did not seem be in keeping with the site and the area, and would be more imposing when viewed from the village than from the Grange itself, due to the slope of the surrounding ground. It was agreed that the proposed dwelling would have a negative impact on neighbouring property. The parish council voted unanimously to submit the following objection:
Burghill Parish Council objects to the application for a new dwelling at Burghill Grange and does not consider that the proposal meets the following Core Strategy policy: LDl Landscape- Any development should conserve and enhance the natural, historic and scenic beauty of important landscapes and features, including conservation areas. In the opinion of the Parish Council the proposed new build at Burghill Grange, which lies within a conservation area, does not meet this policy criteria. The PC would also like to refer to policy LD4 Heritage as it does not consider the new build will conserve or enhance this important heritage asset and in particular the setting of the listed Burghill Grange and the adjoining dovecote. Due to the incline that the property sits on the proposed new dwelling would be more imposing when viewed from the village than from Burghill Grange itself. It would also have a considerably negative impact on the immediate neighbours and the enjoyment of their property. The PC also feels there are sustainability issues concerning the development; the occupants would be reliant on car use to access local services and amenities.
c) Parishioners attending the meeting were invited to give their views on the applications and commented that they had purchased property in a conversation area expecting their situation to be protected. They had found the scale on plans confusing and were concerned as they had access to the well on The Grange property.
d) 2 Hermitage Cottages, Canon Pyon – two storey extension – David Bishop has spoken to immediate neighbours who have no objection to the application. Resolved to instruct Clerk to submit a no objection response to Herefordshire Council.

6 Presentation on a proposed planning application for a development of houses in the field at the junction of Burlton Lane and Tillington Road by Sarah Hanson, Land Use Planning Consultant on behalf of Mrs. Carver:
Mrs Carver outlined her history with the parish. Sarah Hanson informed the meeting that the application would be for outline planning, and that plans show an indicative layout. 35% affordable housing would be included. When asked about sewerage Ms Hanson replied that they were hoping to connect into mains sewerage, however, if issues were discovered a non- mains sewerage system would be investigated. Concern was raised about amount of traffic just before a very hazardous cross roads also speed of traffic on that particular section of Tillington Road.

7 Items for next meeting: Mark Ellis reported a conversation he’d had with the owner of field opposite Burghill Golf Club, who is intending to apply for permission for 25 houses on the site. Application is expected be submitted shortly.

8 The public examination of Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy is being held over the weeks immediately following the meeting – Anthony Vaughan and Sally Robertson would be attending to represent Burghill Parish Council. Anthony reported that he had received confirmation from HC that the Neighbourhood Development Plan can designate Tillington Common as outside the village.

The Chairman thanked all for attending the extraordinary meeting; and the site visit to Burghill Grange last week.
Date of next meeting – 11th March 2015 7.30pm