Minutes of Meeting 13th January 2016

Meeting held Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 7.30 pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Martin Doughty, Bernie Green, Pat Groves, Dilys Price,
Janette Pudsey, Sally Robertson, David Bishop, Ian Watkins, David Warren
In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Parish Clerk Hazel Philpotts, Burghill Neighbourhood

1 Apologies for absence: received from Antoinette Powell, Alister Walshe and Pat Eagling

2 Declarations of interest: J Pudsey item 4E, I Watkins item 4A, D Bishop item 9.

3 Minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2015 accepted and adopted, (proposed by David Bishop seconded by Janette Pudsey)

4 Planning

a) Land at the corner of Tillington and Roman Roads: Mr David Matthews (representing the land owning trust) and CBRE attended the meeting and gave a presentation on the proposed development of up to 50 houses on the field at the above. A traffic consultant also outlined a traffic study commissioned, some of the findings of which local residents disputed, especially as the relatively recent fatal accident had not been included. It is proposed to move the start of the speed limit by 25m towards the Roman Road to include the proposed access into the site.

It was suggested that the entrance into the site could be from the Roman Road side to minimise noise and impact for existing residents. Street lighting is proposed within the development and the proportion of social housing would be one third. 106 funding projects would include open and play space (which a resident pointed out was proposed for the worst possible place with the least safety and security for children).

The application had not, at the time of the meeting, been submitted for planning but it was proposed to do so by the end of January. The Parish Council will ensure local residents are informed when the planning application has been submitted. The probability of the site being included in Hereford City’s development target was acknowledged.

b) Ian Stevens of Savills gave a presentation on the proposals by Farmcare Ltd for the former Tillington Fruit Farm buildings at Crowmore Lane. The current planning application is for the creation of three dwellings, but the proposals will be for 6/7 dwellings with further application being submitted very soon to Herefordshire Council.

There was considerable discussion regarding the issue of increased traffic in Crowmore Lane, Farmcare’s representative in attendance acknowledged that there would be an increase in traffic as agricultural vehicles would continue to work the land and dwellings would generate at least two vehicles per dwelling, however no articulated vehicles will be serving the site. The safety of vehicles emerging from Crowmore Lane onto Tillington Road is a serious concern due to the very limited visibility of traffic approaching from the right. Farmcare do not envisage building replacement barns and storage etc. Other concerns for residents are drainage, partly due to a high water table in the area. A resident of the lane asked for consideration to be given to connecting to mains drainage even if it means pumping.

The site had been considered during the drafting of the Neighbourhood Development Plan but for three dwellings rather than 7, and was being treated as a windfall site.

The PC resolved to submit a response to Herefordshire Council pointing out the following serious concerns:
Access from Crowmore Lane onto Tillington Road unsuitable for increased volume of traffic due to severely limited visibility at junction which should be improved. Single track road with no passing places unsuitable for additional traffic.

Drainage is an issue, also the ability of the land locally to accept additional septic tank drainage due to high water table.

c) HC’s consultation request on whether street lighting at Pyefinch is required was discussed. The clerk was instructed to request an extension to the deadline for a response to allow local residents to be consulted. Agenda item for February meeting, clerk and SR to liaise to ensure all affected properties are consulted.

d) Appointment of Tree Warden: SR will speak to her contact again, agenda item for next meeting. Applications for work to TPO trees at 4 Oak Lane (app 153719) and The Lodge 1 St Mary’s Lane (app 153673) were discussed and the PC had no objection to either application.

e) Applications update circulated and noted.

5. HC’s cabinet decided against officer recommendation to sell off council farms and small holdings.
No 1 Ledbury Road (disabled facility) probably being closed.
Pauline has been involved in a dispute in Burghill, where a property had had a fence erected that required planning permission, retrospective application being submitted.
Enforcement Team at HC involved in the issue of the hedge at Spinnybrook Cottage overhanging the highway, resident has been asked to cut the hedge back but has so far refused to comply completely.

6 Finance – payment of invoices approved:

H Philpotts (Clerks salary and expenses incl £168 for NDP PO box) £1014.89
Richard Mills (Whitmore Common tree maint £720.00, lengthsman and P3 work £796.20)
Viking (stationery and paper) £117.41
Eyelid Productions Ltd (website NDP feedback form) £50.00
Infinity ITS Hfd Ltd (PC laptop maintenance) £72.00
Information Commissioner (Data Protection renewal) £35.00

7  Public participation session: Andy Ronneback: drainage ditch along Tillington Common is coping with recent rainfall, asked the PC to continue to maintain to same standard as this year in future (basically a thank you!).
Russell Hoddell lives opposite one of the NDP sites, concerned regarding sewerage ability of the land if 24 houses are put onto that site.
Mrs King questioned settlement boundaries included in the NDP.
The PC was asked to ensure the 50 houses at Roman Road/Tillington Road are included in Burghills total allocation for development; the PC will endeavour to make this happen. The PC also confirmed the 6 week public consultation is about to begin.

8 Neighbourhood Development Plan:

a) Update and recommendations for progress: AV (steering group chair) outlined progress so far. Minor changes required to the plan and the 6 week consultation begins on 20th January ending on 2nd March, PC resolved to make amendments and to carry out actions recommended by NDPSG (proposed by MD seconded by PG).
b) Volunteers for local delivery of consultation flyers sought, one member of the public very kindly volunteered.
c) List of suggested non-material changes to current draft for submission to consultants accepted by the PC.

9 Lengthsman and P3 scheme update:
Clerk updated on a meeting with BB, lengthsman’s rep, Pauline Crocket and HC Cabinet member for highways to discuss issue of flooding at Domino Cottage. HC and BB will not commit to anything other than considering the problem for inclusion in next year’s maintenance budget. Lengthsman had submitted a quotation of £400 to carry out investigation into the cause of the problem. PC resolved to instruct lengthsman to work to a maximum of £400. SR to discuss with HALC legal position regarding the issue of a section S56 notice.
Work for the lengthsman: removal of moss from footpaths, areas required to be assessed. Burghill sign being repaired and refixed.

10 Commons update: clerk updated on work carried out during school Christmas holiday to cut back trees from Whitmore Common overhanging the school playing fields and car park to ensure safety. School was asked to clear toys, balls and litter from the common which could only have come from the school grounds.

11 Correspondence and updates circulated and noted.

12 PC vacancy: two applications for co-option to the PC were considered, ballot slips distributed and Mrs. Beryl Staite was the successful candidate by a result of 8 votes to 5.

13 Items for next meeting: Pyefinch street lighting, discussion on publication of PC information (raised at Nov meeting), plan for section 106 funding (possibly setting up a working group).

14 Dates for future meetings set at: Wednesdays: 10 February, 16 March, 13 April, 11 May, 8 June, 13 July, 14 September, 12 October, 9th November (no meetings in August or December unless necessary).