Minutes of Meeting held 11th March 2015

Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 7.30pm Simpson Hall
Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes, Ian Watkins, Bernie Green, David Warren, Pat Groves, Dilys Price, Roger Davies, David Bishop, Antoinette Powell, Janette Pudsey, Alister Walshe

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, chair of Holmer & Shelwick PC Mark Millmore, Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Chair Antony Vaughan, 19 parishioners

1 Apologies for absence received from Sue Rix and Martin Doughty

2 Declarations of interest:

3 Minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on 9th February 2015 were corrected by hand (page 1 item 3) signed by the chair and adopted by the PC.

4 Presentation by Mark Millmore on Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council’s new website and its impact on engagement with local residents: site has 125 subscribers, cost to create £500 which includes build, loading information and training, cost for hosting £10 per month, however no hosting charge for the first 10 months. Administration takes approx 1-2 hours per week on general maintenance. Agreed in principal to commission creating of new website; clerk to look at hours and put onto next agenda for decision. Action owner HP Dead line 15.4.15

5 Planning

a) applications update: appeal against refusal for dwelling at 24 Hospital Houses, Janette has spoken to people in Cedar Lane who would be very affected by the proposal which would be detrimental to their living conditions, clerk to submit further comments that the Parish Council objects on grounds of sustainability and proximity to local services.
Sally updated that the poultry units at Upper House Farm will be going to committee but not until possibly June or July. The Grange changes to the coach house is being delegated to the planning officer, the new dwelling application has been withdrawn.
b) Application for development of 20 houses adjacent to St Mary’s Park: residents of neighbouring properties expressed concerns including:
access and additional traffic at a hazardous crossroads and junction into St Mary’s Park, both junctions have poor visibility
use of agricultural land for development and ‘urban creep’ into the rest of the field
one neighbouring property’s water supply runs under the site
light pollution from street lighting
construction disturbance
concern regarding creating small pockets of development
disturbance of ‘line of sight’ from Allpay internet transmitter on church tower
Of the 12 residents attending the meeting in connection with this application all were against and planning to object.
Site assessments were carried out as part of the consultation on the neighbourhood plan; this site came out as one of the lowest mainly due to sustainability issues: residents at the site would be reliant on car use to access local services.
Janette Pudsey reported that the design and access statement contains several inaccuracies and assumptions: cycle way mentioned does not exist. No foot way is mentioned but the statement refers to Tillington Road as a country lane, and implies that it is suitable for pedestrians, which it is clearly not. With regard to sewerage the applicant has presumed the site will be able to connect to St Mary’s, however both St Mary’s Managment Company (Manco) and residents of the Park are concerned as the pumping station is owned and managed privately.
The Parish Council voted unanimously to object to the application (proposed by David Bishop seconded by Janette Pudsey) to include the following:
Sustainability (occupants would be reliant on car use, not walking distance from local services, infrequent bus service).
Access would be onto a fast but narrow road near a very hazardous junction with an accident history.
Development would be harmful to the character and appearance of the rural location.
Loss of productive agricultural land.
Sewerage and drainage has been incorrectly and inadequately assessed, the proposal assumes connection with a partially private system for which permission has not been sought.
Local consultation for Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan assessed this site as one of the least suitable sites for development.
Clerk to circulate draft response before submission. Action owner HP Dead line 6.4.15
c) Application for agricultural building at Burlton Court Farm: residents expressed concerns including:
Proposal may exacerbate an existing issue of flooding; from the direction of Burlton Court Farm to properties in St Mary’s Lane, the garden of one property had to be pumped to prevent the house from flooding. Concern that additional run off could aggravate this problem.
Proposal is for an extremely large industrial building for commercial use, and will be in close proximity to properties in St Mary’s Lane. Building will be clearly visible from several aspects in a rural area, affecting the character and appearance of the open countryside, and have a detrimental effect on the living conditions and enjoyment of properties in St Mary’s Park.
Design statement incorrectly states the building will be 200m from nearest property, will actually be 100m from one property at St Mary’s Park.
Concern over noise and light pollution.
Volume and weight of traffic to and from the site.
The Parish Council resolved to object to the proposal for the reasons quoted above (proposed by Janette Pudsey seconded by Alister Walshe, 7 votes in favour of the proposal to object, 5 abstentions).
d) Revised proposal received prior to planning application at Southbank, Woodfields Farm (former pig farm at Tillington): insufficient time to circulate plans, clerk requested to put onto agenda for extraordinary meeting on 15th April. Action owner HP Dead line 23.3.15
e) Complaints received regarding unauthorised tipping on farmland in Burlton Lane: chair has spoken to the land owner who is tipping and permitting others to tip rubble and general building debris and received a text outlining remedial action being taken. Resolved to instruct clerk to respond giving landowner until end of March to remove all the tipped waste after which PC to report the issue to Herefordshire Council’s enforcement officers and the Environment Agency. Action owner HP Dead line 18.3.15

6 Commons – update on proposal for Tillington Common maintenance Parish Council resolved refuse permission for a residents group to be formed to mow Tillington Common (proposed by Antoinette Powell seconded by Dilys Price, unanimous vote).

7 Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:

SR attended core strategy hearing, another consultation with modifications will take place, parish councils are not going to be capped meaning the PC’s NDP cannot stipulate a maximum number of new properties in the parish.
SR will be meeting with locality steward, clerk to meet with Sally to pass on info on highways issues reported.
Dog fouling becoming a major issue in the village.
Burghill in Bloom proposing to purchase new street furniture.

8 Process and deadlines for nomination for re-election to parish council clerk confirmed that nomination papers must be hand delivered to the Town Hall between 23rd March and 9th April.

9 Police report – clerk to circulate

10 Finance –payment of invoices approved:

Clerks salary & expenses, incl annual hol pay and overtime for additional meeting Feb £1421.57
HMRC national insurance payment £15.18
Richard Mills, Lengthsman, £150.00
Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Plan Biological Data Searches £180.00
A Ronneback Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group expenses £22.99
Resolved to offer Simpson Hall management committee a contribution of £54.50 towards the cost of the new noticeboard.

11 Neighbourhood Plan

a) Update from Steering Group (NPSG): Core Strategy examination attended by Sally and Anthony, the inspector has asked for modifications which the PC will be asked to comment on before they are submitted to the inspector. Proposing to prepare the neighbourhood plan in line with the current Core Strategy with final document in line with the adopted Strategy.
b) Quotations submitted for consultant to draft Neighbourhood Development Plan through to completion, and select consultant. Report by Steering Group outlined by Anthony Vaughan, Kirkwells were the highest scored consultant and the NPSG’s preferred supplier. Parish Council resloved to accept the Steering Groups recommendation and appoint Kirkwells (proposed by Bernie Green seconded by Janette Pudsey) unanimous vote to accept on condition that lottery grant is extended and a cap of £7,900 is put on expenditure.

12 Highways and Footpaths

a) Work for the lengthsman: culvert blocked at Bunker Cottage by the Strem just before the school.
b) update on P3 scheme: issue on the bridle way from Towtree Lane impassable Sally will take up with Balfour Beatty

13 Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates noted

14 Date of next meeting: 15th April 7.30pm extraordinary meeting
13th May 2015 – two consecutive meetings Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm followed by annual meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm.