Minutes of Meeting held 12 March 2014

Wednesday 12 March 2014 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall

Present: Alan Stokes (chair), Bernie Green, David Bishop, Alister Walshe, Mark Ellis, Roger Davies, Antoinette Powell, Ian Watkins, Dilys Price, David Warren, Pat Groves, Sue Rix, Martin Doughty

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Roberts, Neighbourhood Plan steering group chair Anthony Vaughan,
parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, Mr Guy Roberts (agenda item 5), 3 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Rosemary Lloyd

2. Declarations of interest: Mark Ellis and Alister Walsh declared a personal interest in item 5, David Warren declared a prejudicial interest in item 13a (payment to CAP).

3. Resignations: received from Rosemary Lloyd as chair due to ill health and resignation from PC received from Glen Davies. Alan Stokes agreed to step up to role of chair until May meeting. Clerk asked to write to Rosemary and Glen to acknowledge and thank them for their valued work and support for the parish and the PC.

4. Minutes – of meeting held on 8th January 2014 accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair.

5. Southbank, (Woodfield Farm) Badnage Lane, proposed redevelopment: Site owner, Mr Guy Roberts, gave an overview of his proposal to develop former piggeries at Southbank Badnage Lane, and requested feedback from the PC. Drawings and plans had been previously circulated and were provided for parishioners present.
Advice has not been sought from Herefordshire Council (HC) planners as yet, waiting until feedback from PC and local people has been obtained, however Mr Roberts has engaged a planning consultant.

The PC disagreed with the findings of Mr Roberts’ traffic survey which stated that the proposed residential development would generate less traffic than when the site was used as a commercial farm. A site of 10 houses would generate 60 vehicles movements per day. The PC also expressed concern regarding the capacity of Badnage Lane to accommodate the construction traffic required for such a development, and suggested that a temporary entrance could be installed to take delivery and builders vehicles etc away from Badnage Lane through another field owned by Mr Roberts.

The PC was also concerned that vehicles exiting from the proposed entrance to the site could cause a nuisance to the properties opposite and asked that the entrance be angled to prevent headlights shining into those residences.
A bio-disc system of sewerage disposal is proposed for installation in 6/7 acres also owned by Mr Roberts, and which would remain undeveloped. When asked if Welsh Water would be asked to adopt the system Mr Roberts indicated that he would take this question back to his planning consultant.

Mr Roberts explained that he intended to consult with neighbours, and where areas of concern were raised it was possible a compromise could be reached.

When asked what the plans for the site would be if not developed for housing, Mr Roberts suggested the possibility of continuing with piggeries, or moving to light industrial use, however, he did not feel the access was suitable for that type of development.

6. Public participation: Neighbour immediately opposite the proposed development site at Southbank questioned who had been consulted and expressed concern that the proposal would have a detrimental effect on her property; Mr Roberts apologised for perceived lack of consultation but explained that project is not at planning application stage as yet.

Neighbours also challenged the description of the traffic when site was a piggery, and voiced apprehension that the development would cause traffic issues, due to the narrowness of Badnage Lane and the lack of any passing places.
A resident from Badnage Lane pointed out that Mr Roberts had stated that the lane was not suitable for light industrial traffic however the amount of traffic a 10 dwelling development will generate would be equally detrimental, and suggested applying for another entrance into the site from the Tillington Road.

Resident opposite said she would prefer a return to a pig farm with a unit in place to prevent slurry contaminating the brook, and agreed with other residents concern regarding the volume of traffic the site as a housing development would generate.

The Parish Council recommended that Mr Roberts approached Herefordshire Council for pre-application advice. Mr Roberts thanked the meeting for the feedback.

7. Neighbourhood Planning: Anthony Vaughan (AV) updated that the steering group are currently working on the questionnaire, comments received have been considered and the document refined. Proposing to deliver between 21st March and 1st April for collection from 17th April, may take 10-14 days to collect. Hoping for an 80% return on the questionnaire. If return is 20% or lower the PC will have to seriously consider abandoning the project. AV is now discussing data analysis of returned forms with various local companies who will be asked to tender.

A very pleasing turnout of 107 people at the March public meeting was reported, the event raised useful questions.
Lottery grant for £10,000 has been submitted, result is awaited. Would bring the budget for the project up to £19,000.

Sally Robertson (SR) and AV are meeting with Eardisley Neighbourhood Plan committee on 25th March to see where they are with their plan and share experiences.

SR reported that she has been very impressed with the dedication, drive and progress made by the steering group and chair, and is finding it a pleasure to work with such a hard working group.

8. Planning:

a) Applications update circulated and noted.
b) Response discussed to planning application for Orchard Cottage, 24 Hospital Houses, ‘no objection’ to be submitted.
c) SR updated that the application for poultry rearing units at Knapton Green will be going to committee (PC strongly objected).

9. Police report – circulated and noted.

10. Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:
Burghill in Bloom – grant application approved including renewal of seat at Leasown and other work, new bin requested by telephone box at church.

R and clerk meeting at Concertina Pitch site regarding application to cultivate with wildflowers.
Community games date changed to Saturday 23th Aug to avoid clash with World Cup.
HC is carrying out a bus service consultation, as a large proportion of bus journey are subsidised and HC wants to cut costs and dramatically reduce subsidies. The Burghill/Tillington service is one that is subsidised. SR asked the PC to urge people to respond to the consultation and use the bus service.

HC’s Core Strategy going out to consultation May for last time.
Canon Pyon Road flooding SR has submitted a formal complaint regarding lack of response to concerns raised by residents, and is awaiting a report in response. AV informed the meeting that an individual can service a notice on the highway authority to carry out work that is necessary.
Hospital Farms is being possibly being sold off by HC, a report is being prepared, some small holdings are being sold off, SR will update when more info available.
University of Herefordshire is being progressed.
Lengthsman scheme SR attended a parish council seminar, pilots being undertaken for an enhanced lengthsman scheme which would include small pothole repair etc. SR will keep PC informed.
HC has changed policy for homeless categorisation, removing lower level and changed priority levels.
SR congratulated Court Farm for achieving award for best PYO in the Herefordshire.

11. Highways and Footpaths

a) Highway defects to the clerk – Lower Portway
Pool at Lower Burlton clerk to write to residents group to ask them to investigate ways to prevent flooding, also ask lengthsman to see if a drain/gulley in the area needs attention.
b) Work for the lengthsman – ditch at bottom of Towtree Lane needs clearing out, also to install road verge markers to prevent bank being mounted by vehicles passing each other. Ivy fallen in Badnage Lane opposite gateway to blackcurrant fields. Blocked culvert opposite Green Acres (David Bishop’s road past Ian’s house). Domino Cottage has pipe been put in uphill?
c) Update on partnership project with other parish councils to expand SID provision and usage. 10 letters written, one negative response only received, suggested that a lottery grant could be considered to purchase more equipment. MD and clerk to update at next meeting.
d) Notice boards –clerk updated on poor condition of several notice boards, repairs to be arranged.
e) MD updated that P3 2013/14 grant has been spent and paths are being maintained.

12. Commons update and tree inspection report: clerk informed that in response to an email from the school three small trees had been removed from the spinney at Whitmore Common as they were unstable and leaning towards the school playing field. A further tree inspection to be carried out.

13. Finance

a) payment of invoices agreed:
H Philpotts, salary & expenses 784.50
HMRC PAYE £43.00
M Doughty (safety equipment during SID work) £60.42
R Mills P3 work £1333.50
Viking Direct (paper and envelopes for Neighbourhood Plan) £257.94
Simpson Hall (meeting room hire) 82.50
Burghill CAP (photocopier use) £145.16
HALC annual subscription £617.28
B Green Neighbourhood Plan expenses £100.60
b) Request from clerk for budget to purchase replacement printer/copier/scanner approved to a maximum of £130.00 (Kodak printer beyond repair and disposed of).

14. Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates: circulated and noted

15. Items for next meeting – election of chair, Alan Stokes prepared to continue as vice chair for 2014/15.

16. Date of next meeting – Wednesday 14th May 2014 (annual parish meeting at 7pm followed by annual meeting of Parish Council at 7.30pm).

17. Meeting closed at 9pm.