Minutes of Meeting held 12th November 2014

Wednesday 12th November 2014, 7.30pm, Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Janette Pudsey, Alister Walshe, Ian Watkins, Roger Davies, Antoinette Powell, Dilys Price, Sue Rix, Bernie Green, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Chair Anthony Vaughan, parishioners Andy Ronneback and Hilary Armstrong.

1 Apologies for absence: received from Rosemary Lloyd, David Bishop and David Warren

2 Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: Alister Walshe declared an interest in item 6 (Commons)

3 Minutes – of meeting held on 10th September 2014 clerk accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair (proposed by Pat Groves seconded by Janette Pudsey), with one amendment: Sally Robertson’s apologies to be included in the relevant section.

4 Police report – previously circulated and noted

5 Public participation session: Mr A Ronneback of Yew Tree House, Tillington outlined the contents of his letter of 10th September, requesting that the level of maintenance Tillington Common currently receives be quadrupled to 4 cuts a year and proposing other work be carried out, either by a contractor or by a residents group Mr Ronneback would set up. Mr Ronneback also mentioned some parishioners have grazing rights on the common so their permission may be required. The parish council’s response to Mr Ronneback’s letter is shown in item 6 following.

6 Commons

a) Proposal for Tillington Common maintenance submitted by parishioner: Alan Stokes explained that the commons committee is responsible for maintenance of all three commons within the parish, and that Tillington common is usually cut as a hay crop. The PC is unable to cut every three months due to legislation and concerns over ground nesting birds, it is also not possible to treat the area as a country park as is a common, and very uneven ground. The commons committee did not consider more regular cutting would reduce number of weeds as suggested, and mentioned that there had been no evidence of ragwort when the annual inspection and walk of the common took place in June. The PC had also previously refused a request for a dog faeces bin due to cost of regular empting and had asked local dog walkers to remove dog faeces and dispose of at home. Alan also reported that in past parishioners had complained that 20% of precept was being used for maintaining the commons when other areas in the parish were not given the same attention, therefore the level of maintenance of had been reduced at local request. The request for additional trees be planted was refused as this would increase difficulty when mowing. Mr Ronneback informed the PC that he would pull out any ragwort he finds whilst walking his dog on the common next year. Sally Robertson suggested that Mr Ronneback contact the Burghill in Bloom group as they had been trying to draw Tillington into the scheme, and might be able to take advantage of the HC grant scheme for equipment for mowing.
It was resolved that an agenda item be added to the January meeting to consider a proposal to be submitted by Mr Ronneback for a volunteer group to carry out maintenance on Tillington Common.
b) general update – clerk reported that the lengthsman had been asked to clear out the grips and ditch along the edge of Tillington Common and resolve the issue of water standing in the ditch, also to strip and cut under the trees next to the ditch.

7 Neighbourhood Plan update from Steering Group and plans for public options events (15th & 16th November) outlined by Anthony Vaughan: all suggested development sites submitted for assessment would displayed and feedback requested from parishioners, likewise settlement boundaries would also going to be highlighted and feedback sought on whether they should be adjusted or remain in current locations. The Steering Group hoped to have as many councillors as possible at the event. A late site submission had been received with a request to attend and give a presentation, however, the site’s representatives were asked to submit information for presentation to parishioners in same manner as all other sites.

The initial grant received has a spending deadline of 31st December 2014. Steering Group will be looking for new members following two resignations; David King’s considerable research and mapping work was acknowledged.
The Parish Council resolved to ask Anthony Vaughan to continue to chair the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.

The parish clerk to circulate Declaration of Interest forms to all parish councillors and steering group members together with a link to Herefordshire Council’s website where completed forms are published, councillors asked to review their declarations and renew as necessary.

Chair thanked steering group for its considerable work and to Bernie Green for organising the rota for the options days. Action owner HP 15.12.14

8 Planning

a) Applications update – circulated and noted.
b) Consider response to application for 3 bedroom dwelling at 24 Hospital Houses – resolved to repeat previous objection. Action owner HP 20.11.14
9 Ward Councillor Sally Robertson’s report:
a) Concerns at Concertina Hill, two recent accidents, another two near the golf club, SR met with Balfour Beatty (BB) locality steward and accident investigator, ditch not working water lying on road, which BB will attend to. BB is investigating. An increase in young drivers speeding locally has been observed.
b) St Mary’s Park issues: BB intends to remove the bough of a tree overhanging the road.
c) Leaseown bus stop, cars regularly park in the bus stop, causing a recent near-miss incident; HC will replace parking restriction sign and consider painting yellow lines.
d) Locality steward and police will be attending community library events.
e) SR, parish clerk and lengthsman meeting with BB locality steward on 19th November at Domino House re flooding and signage on junction.
f) SR has requested an official statement of current proposal of relief road for display at the Neighbourhood Development Plan options days.
g) HC budget facing more cuts.
h) Speedwatch: currently 6 volunteers. Suggested roads: Tillington Road, Portway A4110, and road through Burghill village. SR fronting a community safety event at local colleges to raise awareness to young drivers of the danger of speeding.

10 Highways and Footpaths

a) No highway defects reported.
b) Consideration of Herefordshire Councils enhanced lengthsman scheme for 2015/16 discussed – clerk to obtain more information for consideration at January meeting during budget consideration. Action owner Action owner HP Dead-line Dead-line 14.1.15

11 Finance
Payment of invoices approved:
clerk’s salary and expenses £839.88
H Philpotts reimbursement for 4 Cartridgesave invoices totalling £701.35: (Neighbourhood Plan map/plan printer cartridges and paper £199.66 & £73.09 & £96.20, CAP printer ink cartridges £ 332.40)
Simpson Hall venue hire £378.75
CAP (printing and photocopying including Neighbourhood Plan) £211
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Andy Ronneback expenses reimbursement £68.47
Richard Mills lengthsman & P3 footpaths work £313.80
Society of Local Council Clerks (annual subscription) £101.00
Payment made for Neighbourhood Development Plan printer £648.00 ratified.

12 Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates – circulated and noted.

13 Items for next meeting: set budget and precept, consider enhanced lengthsman scheme, consider Tillington Common proposal.

14 Agenda item March meeting: invite chair of Holmer and Shelwick PC to demonstrate new website. Action owner HP Dead-line 15.12.14

15 Date of next meeting – 14th January 2015 7.30pm