Minutes of Meeting held 14th January 2015

Wednesday 14th January 2015 7.30pm Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chairman), David Bishop, Janette Pudsey, Sue Rix, David Warren, Roger Davies, Antoinette Powell, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty, Dilys Price, Alister Walshe, Alan Stokes
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, Parish Clerk Hazel Philpotts, Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Chair Anthony Vaughan, parishioner Andy Ronneback.

1 Apologies for absence received from: Bernie Green and Ian Watkins.

2 declarations of interest made by David Warren (item 8b member of CAP committee and 8d member of CAP committee and secretary of PCC) and Alister Walsh (item 6 commons).

3 Minutes of meeting held on 12 November 2014 – approved and adopted (proposed by Martin Doughty, seconded by Antoinette Powell).

4 Police report previously circulated and noted.

5 Public participation Parishioner Andy Ronneback outlined a proposal for maintenance of Tillington Common which he felt would supplement and enhance work recently carried out; he also explained that his intention was for the area to be maintained as a common and not turned into park land, but would reduce weeds, and improve quality of grass, especially for hay making. Mr Ronneback has not been able to find a register or list of people with grazing rights but is aware that there will be a need to identify those people. He did not envisage being able to commence work for at least 6 months, if approved and acknowledged that funding would have to be sought and volunteers recruited. Mr Ronneback asked the PC to publicise the requirement for people walking dogs on the common to remove faeces deposited.

6 Commons – the PC considered proposal for Tillington Common maintenance submitted by Mr Ronneback; Roger Davies pointed out that encouraging people to use the common would increase car use which in turn would damage the common. Alan Stokes mentioned funding would not be available for commons as grants are only available for use on green open spaces, also that HC’s land agent had advised that they are 15 people with commons rights, all of whom would have to be consulted and give permission. Posts could not be installed along the access lane as it had been a vehicle access for many years, also the PC could be liable for damage caused if a vehicle were to hit one of the posts. The clerk was instructed to obtain from HC a copy of the list of people with grazing rights, to consult the PC’s insurers and to report findings to the March meeting. Action owner HP Dead line 11.3.15

7 Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson (SR):
a) Core Strategy – Burghill PC has registered to speak at the public examination, SR will arrange a meeting to discuss the PC’s response.
b) HC has an initiative to encourage business into the county; SR will update the PC when more information is available. SR meeting the council leader to discuss a proposal for Hospital Farms.
c) Locality Steward moving job within BB, Sally has lodged a complaint that much work will require re-scoping as a result.
d) SR attended Moreton-on-Lugg PC meeting about the poultry unit planning application; SR will be calling it in to committee. Impact on the highway and smell have been raised as an issue, concern that it is becoming an industrial activity in the countryside opposed to a farming activity. Screening included in the previous application has not been put in place.
e) Waiting to hear when speed watch project will commence.
f) SR meeting with Herefordshire Housing regarding clearing up areas of Leasown which are being used to dump rubbish
g) On behalf of The Copse, CAP and Burghill in Bloom SR expressed gratitude for financial support and requested consideration to its continuance when considering the budget for 2015/16.

8 Finance

a) Invoices approved for payment:
clerk’s salary and expenses £869.84
Richard Mills £895.50 (Tillington Common: lengthsman work £487.50, Commons budget £408.00)
Information Commissioner (data protections registration renewal) £35.00
Viking (paper, envelopes, folders) £41.08
b) payments made in connection with Neighbourhood Development Plan ratified:
Simpson Hall (payment in advance for venue hire whole of 2015) £360
A Vaughan (expenses reimbursement) £92.26
A Ronneback (expenses reimbursement) £44.44
rurghill CAP (printing and copying) £132.17
c) Request from Simpson Hall for contribution towards cost of new notice boards – clerk to include in programme of notice board repair/replacement.
d) Budget considered and set; precept for 2015/16 set at £15,362.

9 Neighbourhood Plan

a) update from Steering Group (NPSG) by chair Anthony Vaughan (AV): Janette Pudsey working very hard to analyse the responses made by parishioners to suggested development sites displayed during the public options events. Draft brief for consultants has been written, comments requested from councillors. Aiming to complete the whole process by November this year. Two new volunteers to join the NPSG. Timing of meetings discussed, agreed that NPSG meetings would be held before PC meetings to enable matters to be brought to the PC for decisions and approval.
b) consider request from NPSG chair for councillors on NPSG to be able to approve issue of a brief for consultants to quote: brief approved for issue; NPSG can consider responses and make recommendations but all decisions must be made by the PC at a formal meeting.
c) Examination in public of Herefordshire core strategy 10th the 25th February, PC is registered to speak at the examination AV has agreed to represent the PC.

10 Planning
Applications update circulated and noted.
Application for six poultry houses, feed bins, biomass boiler building, another single storey building and amendments to vehicle access at Upper House Farm, Moreton-on-Lugg considered. PC resolved to object on grounds of increasing an industrial site in open countryside. Visual impact seriously harmful to the character and appearance of the countryside, extending the industrial footprint in the countryside, is more appropriate to an industrial site. Odour is an issue at certain times now in Portway increasing the density will increase this existing issue.

11 Highways and Footpaths

a) Highway defects: coming down Bewdley Bank towards Hereford no warning sign of cross roads.
b) Work for the lengthsman: warning sign on way down Concertina Hill needs turning and clearing.
c) PC considered applying for inclusion in Herefordshire Councils enhanced lengthsman scheme for 2015/16; clerk reported that she and Janette Pudsey had discussed this with the chair of HALC who expressed concern over where responsibility would lie should an incident arise following the repair of a pothole by the parish council’s contractor. PC resolved not to apply for enhanced scheme but to remain in the standard lengthsman scheme.
d) Martin Doughty updated on recent footpath work.

12 Burghill WI’s request for litter pick support on 7th March (insurance and Simpson Hall) approved.

13. Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates – circulated and noted.

14 Items for next meeting: monthly meetings proposal, PC website demonstration to be requested of Mark Milmore Holmer & Shelwick PC

15 Date of next meeting – 11th March 2015 7.30pm.