Minutes of Meeting held 14th May 2015

Wednesday 14th May 2014 7.30pm Simpson Hall


Present: Alan Stokes, David Bishop, Mark Ellis, Alister Walshe, Rosemary Lloyd, Roger Davies, Dilys Price, Antoinette Powell, David Warren, Pat Groves, Sue Rix, Martin Doughty

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
member David King, 2 parishioners

1. To elect chair and vice-chair: Mark Ellis elected and accepted office as chair (nominated by PG, seconded by AP). Alan Stokes agreed to stand as vice chair (nominated by AP seconded by PG). The PC thanked Alan stepping up to the chair’s role during Rosemary’s ill health.

2. To appoint officers: the following officers were appointed and agreed to their roles for 2014/15

a) Commons Working Group (R Davies, D Bishop, A Stokes, P Groves )
b) Tree Warden ( R Davies)
c) Simpson Hall representative (D Price)
d) Copse Leisure Trust representatives (I Watkins & M Ellis)
e) Footpaths officer (M Doughty)
3. Councillor vacancy and co-option to the Parish Council: Jeanette Pudsey of St Mary’s Park and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has volunteered to join the PC, clerk to contact Jeanette to ask for confirmation of her interest for circulation before the next meeting to enable co-option to be formalised. Action for: HP By: 30 June

4. Apologies for absence received from Ian Watkins and Bernie Green.

5. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations in book. David Warren declared an interest in item 14a and 14b (member of the CAP committee).

6. Minutes – of the meeting dated 12th March 2014 accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair (proposed by MG seconded of AW).

7. Public participation session:
Parishioner raised issue of weeds and vegetation along verges throughout the village being overgrown, also rickety fencing at field along Copse Lane, PC chair explained that verges are HC’s responsibility and funding cuts are resulting in grass cutting being reduced. Balfour Beatty only cutting verges once a year but will be giving more priority to visibility splays. Copse Lane overhanging trees also trees on visibility splay opposite The Bell are both responsibility of HC.
Drain at end of Copse Lane to be reported to the lengthsman for attention.
SR and the clerk to work together to identify and contact landowners to request they attend to hedges needing cutting.
Secretary of Burghill in Bloom expressed concern that work at Concertina Pitch had not started and asked why the licence to cultivate had been delayed, clerk explained that PC’s concerns regarding ongoing responsibility for the area had to be resolved with HC before the licence could be signed, but this had recently taken place so volunteers could commence work. Action for: SR / HP By: 30 June

8. Neighbourhood Plan

a) Update from Steering Group: David King represented chair of steering group and presented a report on the questionnaire’s 63% return, despite a disappointingly poor response from residents at St Mary’s. Steering group confident in the local will for and ability to continue to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and requested the PC instruction to continue.
PC voted unanimously to request the Steering Group to proceed with the work to produce a Neighbourhood Plan (proposed by MD, seconded to ME). Steering Group obtaining quotes for questionnaire analysis services, requested delegated authority to PC members on Steering Group to make financial decisions, PC resolved that all requests for authority to spend/purchase services or goods to be circulated by clerk to all councillors via email with a 24 hour turnaround deadline.
Consultation to continue with public participation.
b) Questionnaire prize draw: Kirsty Socket drawn by Councillor Antoinette Powell and witnessed by parishioner Beryl State. Clerk to contact prize winner. Action for: HP By: 21 May
9. Planning
a) Applications update: HP updated on planning committee attended to put the PC’s objection to committee regarding the application for a poultry farm at Knapton Green on the A4110, despite considerable local opposition from residents the application was approved.
b) Ward Councillor Sally Robertson (SR) is dealing with an enforcement issue on one property that is being used as a dwelling SR will update when more info is known.

10. To receive report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:
SR has been asked by a parishioner if the PC would consider organising a village warden project with possible funding by the Red Cross, SR agreed to investigate costs and let clerk have details for circulation before the next meeting. Agenda item for July meeting. Action for: SR By: 9 July

11. Police report circulated and noted.

12. Highways and Footpaths

a) Update on SID (speed indication device) deployment and bases: MD reported that sponsorship requests sent to 10 local companies failed, only one reply received, declining support. MD, clerk and Anthony Vaughan will work together to submit a Big Lottery bid for more equipment as soon as possible with other parishes if necessary. Action for: MD HP By: 9 July
b) Highway defects: deep potholes in Upper House Lane Tillington SR will report to Balfour Beatty.
Action for: SR By: Asap
c) Update on lengthsman scheme and to report work for the lengthsman: clerk to chase up grips in Badnage Lane. Clerk to write an article for the parish magazine outlining what has been done in the last 6 months, and asking for reports of visibility splays and drains and gullies requiring attention. . Action for: HP By: 30 June 1 July
d) Update on P3 work: work to commence in Haymeadow Lane byway to ensure emergency vehicles can access properties. Crocodile 8 route being prepared for the run.

13. Commons – date for commons inspection: RD will liaise with committee members to set date. Tree at Bird Pool still falling but not dead yet. Hay crop (Tillington Common) to be offered to Richard Mills for £50 on condition that cut is tight to trees and hedges; and grazing at Whitmore Common to be £10 for this financial year. Action for: HP By: 30 June.

14. Finance

a) payment of invoices approved:
Broker Network Ltd (annual insurance premium) £327.06 (£7.19 less than previous year)
H Philpotts (clerk’s salary, holiday pay and expenses) £1226.90
Richard Mills (Whitmore Common tree removal) £216.00
CAP (printing and photocopying including Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire) £298.00
Simpson Hall (room hire Neighbourhood Plan) £75.00
Viking (replacement printer £124.80, set of inks £71.99, NP stationery £10.67) £207.46
Heather Worth (internal audit fee) £40.00
b) ratification of payments made between meetings:
R Mills, (Lengthsman wk 2013/14 £2052 & £280.80 P3 footpaths work £372) total £2704.80
Cartridgesave (CAP copier toner) £246.32
c) Annual accounts for 2013/14, annual audit return and risk assessment approved and signed by chair for submission to external auditors. Action for: HP By: 9 June
d) Process for granting donations to local groups/projects: clerk to let supported groups have application forms for donations/funding requests. Action for: HP By: 30 June

15. Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates: clerk to inform HC that Burghill PC would not be paying councillors an allowance but travelling expenses would be reimbursed. Clerk to generate a claim form (44p per mile) to be submitted by councillors to meetings for approval.

16. Items for next meeting: Village Warden, grass cutting update.

17. Date of next meeting – 9th July 2014 7.30pm