Minutes of Meeting held 8th January 2014

Wednesday 8th January 2014 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Alan Stokes (chair), Martin Doughty, Pat Groves, Glen Davies, Mark Ellis, Dilys Price, Alister Walshe, David Bishop, Bernie Green, Sue Rix

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts,
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group chair Anthony Vaughan

1. Apologies for absence: Roger Davies, Rosemary Lloyd, Antoinette Powell, David Warren, Ian Watkins

2. To receive declarations of interest: Dilys Price personal interest in item 9a flooding in Roman Road/Towtree Lane; David Bishop personal interest in item 7a budget headings for local grants/donations (member of PCC and Simpson Hall Trustee).

3. Minutes of meeting held on 13th November 2013 signed as an accurate record of the meeting.

4. Public participation session: no public presence

5. Police report: CSOs Dean Wall and Elena Ekanite in attendance and reported one further incident of theft from outbuildings in Tillington.

6. Neighbourhood Planning update:
a) Clerk reported that grant application had been successful, full amount £6985.00 approved, 90% received in December, balance will be paid on completion of the Neighbourhood Plan.

b) Data protection – registration with Information Commission has been necessary to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Action, cost is £35 annually; clerk will be the Data Protection Officer.
c) Anthony Vaughan (AV) circulated draft questionnaire to be sent to every house in the parish. AV requested comments and amendments by 31st January. PC agreed to provide two draw prizes (£50 and £25), forms returned will be entered in the draw.
AV recommended that if a return rate of 25% or less is received the Neighbourhood Plan be abandoned, however, it was acknowledged that if this were to happen the parish would financially lose through a reduced percentage of the Community Infrastructure Levy, therefore it was considered very important to the parish to proceed with the Plan. The PC also acknowledged that hand delivery and collection was also very important to the success of the questionnaire. SR recommended a briefing for volunteers delivering questionnaires to enable them to feel confident to answer questions regarding the process and expected outcomes.
d) AV informed the meeting that he has been invited to take up a part time post as a Planning Inspector and he has accepted. If this role prevents him from continuing a chairman of the NPSG he may have to withdraw from Burghill Neighbourhood Plan. However, he hopes that this does not occur.
e) Clerk to ask NP Steering Group members to complete declarations of interest.

7. Finance

a) payment of invoices agreed:
H Philpotts, salary & expenses £884.88
Herefordshire Citizens Advice Bureaux (grant donation) £150.00
Information Commissioner (registration for compliance with Data Protection Act) £35.00
M P Rogers (community library bookcase) £287.80
Burghill CAP (photocopying Neighbourhood Plan £6.46 PC £2.98) £9.44
b) Resolved to set budget and precept for 2014/15 at £14842.00

8. Planning – applications update circulated.

9. Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:

a) Update on flooding in Roman Road/Towtree Lane, SR met with Dilys Price and Balfour Beatty (BB), a grille has been installed, the house previously affected has not flooded so far this winter, however, field next door is still flooding. BB is monitoring and prepared to take remedial work if necessary. SR’s liaison and monitoring is ongoing.
b) Update on flooding on Canon Pyon Road at Portway: met at Portway again, machinery taken by BB to solve the work was too large for the size of road. Investigation in ongoing SR is continuing to liaise with BB for resolution.
c) Request for PC to submit a licence to cultivate to HC for Leasown Gully is withdrawn, however request for Concertina Pitch for WWI memorial poppy planting stands.
d) HC’s waste contract proposed new treatment plant (composting site at Moreton-on-Lugg) no longer proposed, SR is questioning the amount of HC’s funding it has taken to reach the decision.
e) SR has been approached to join a coalition with the Conservatives, however, SR has decided to remain independent.
f) HC setting its budget next week suggestion is 1.9% increase, proposals include cutting bus services and grass cutting and increasing car parking charges.

10. Highways and Footpaths

a) No highway defects to the clerk.
b) Work for the lengthsman: flooding at Rogers Cross, from Bell towards Credenhill cross roads flooded past Wetlands nursery just before crossroads; flooding caused a car to overturn. SR will ask BB to attend but if they cannot investigate the problem quickly clerk to instruct lengthsman.
c) Requests for additional SID bases (including between Tillington Road and the Church) to be deferred until responses to question included in NP questionnaire regarding perceived results of current deployment of SIDS is known.
d) SID Sponsorship letter proposal circulated, MD working with other parishes, PC agreed to support, MD to work with clerk to progress.
e) P3 scheme MD working with Richard Mills to commence 2014 work on footpaths.

11. Commons update and tree inspection report – update by Tree Ward to be deferred to next meeting.

12. Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates circulated and noted.

13. Items for next meeting – tree inspection report

14. Date of next meeting – Wednesday 12th March 2014 7.30pm