Minutes of Meeting held 9th July 2014

Meeting held Wednesday 9th July 2014 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), David Bishop, Rosemary Lloyd, Roger Davies, Sue Rix, Dilys Price, David Warren, Bernie Green, Ian Watkins, Alister Walshe, Pat Groves, Alan Stokes

In Attendance: Ward Council Sally Robertson (SR), Antony Vaughan (AV) chair Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts,

1. Apologies for absence: received from Martin Doughty, Antoinette Powell,

2. Declaration of interest: made by David Warren (prejudicial interest in item 12a as member of the CAP Committee)

3. Minutes: of meeting held on 14th May 2014 approved as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair (proposed by Pat Groves, seconded by Sue Rix).

4. Application for co-option to the Parish Council: Letter of application discussed; parish council unanimously voted to accept and co-opt Janette Pudsey (proposed by David Bishop seconded by Mark Ellis). Clerk to write to Janette and complete required forms for return to Herefordshire Council. Action owner HP Dead-line 25.7.14

5. Public participation session: clerk raised issue on behalf of Steve Potter, Towtree Lane, three recent incidents of fly-tipping in Towtree Lane have required Herefordshire Council to remove considerable amounts of rubbish, Mr Potter has discussed the problem with the relevant manager at Wyevale and is proposing to fix a padlock to the gate at the end of the road, Wyevale will cut back the hedge at the side of the gate to ensure access is free for pedestrians and horses (bridle path) and asked the PC for comments. Clerk instructed to confirm the PC has no objection to gate being locked provided byway is kept clear, clerk also to contact Colin Parry at Welsh Water. Action owner HP Dead-line 25.7.14

6. Neighbourhood Plan: Steering Group Chair AV updated that report from questionnaire has been received from analysis company (previously circulated by clerk via email). AV requested, and was given, permission to commission a further report giving detailed analysis at an additional cost of £950.00. The Big Lottery grant of £10,000 has been received, making budget a total of £19,000. The Steering Group is considering purchasing a printer capable of printing A0 sized plans. Consultation has commenced with interested parties regarding the land availability questionnaire. The questionnaire results point to 10% growth being favoured and seems more appropriate to Burghill.
SR met with planning officer who mentioned that developers have been advised to contact the PC’s before submitting planning applications.
SR requested, and was given, permission to use information obtained through questionnaire for a grant application for The Copse.

7. Planning

a) Update on Core Strategy representations: clerk confirmed that documents were submitted to Herefordshire Council in person before the deadline; feedback from SR was that a very low number of responses were received. The PC expressed its gratitude to AV, David King and the Steering Group for the considerable amount of work involved in researching, preparing and writing the responses for the PC to submit.
b) Applications update – circulated and noted.
c) Response to planning application for Hill View, Bewdley Bank: same drawings as previous application very little difference other than roof line. Not thought to be an issue for neighbours, clerk to submit a ‘no objection’ response.
d) Objection by neighbour to forthcoming retrospective planning application, email received circulated and discussed. Clerk to respond to say no application has been submitted and that SR will take up again with HC’s Enforcement Officer, Amy West.
Action owner HP Dead-line 16.7.14
e) Section 106 development funding – SR is meeting with section 106 officer at HC on Friday, and has been asked to put in a wish list, eg Tillington footpath, Copse pavilion. Action owner HP Dead-line 16.7.14 Action owner SR Dead-line 10.9.14

8. Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:

a) Village Warden Scheme – Red Cross has received a grant from Land Rover to investigate a paid post for a resumed project. HP to pass on volunteer’s email to SR. SR to update at next meeting.
Action owner HP Dead-line 16.7.14
b) Grass cutting update – verges will be cut in August. Decision to reduce cutting has caused considerable problems and complaints will be different schedule near year to prevent repeat of problems, accidents, fires etc. Burghill in Bloom considering applying for a community grant for grass cutting in areas such as Redstone.
c) SR is seeking volunteers to set up and steward during Burghill Community Games 23 August 2014. Lot of activities planned, SR will give HP details for medal order. Request for gazebos and marquees to be loaned for the event. Action owner SR/HP
d) SR attended Balfour Beatty seminar regarding grass cutting and potholes, another Locality Steward has been appointed he will contact PC to arrange a village walk. Potholes: funding from central government has been obtained to purchase equipment for pothole repairs. Highway maintenance plan is now 7 years old and out of date, challenges are quite likely.
e) Flytipping costs HC £5,500 per week.
f) Quarry at Upper Lyde is being opened, concerned locally is that the quarry is not viable but is being opened to provide an excavated hole for use at a later date. Conditions include no vehicles permitted to use Canon Pyon Road (A4110) until junction with Moreton Road has been improved.
g) Burghill in Bloom judging on 24th July, Tillington may join next year.
h) SR updated on Bloor Homes application for 462 homes at Holmer West. Proposal includes park and ride, allotments, sheltered housing, play area. Concerns locally include highways, balancing pond, water supply, drainage. On opposite side of A49 at side of Holmer Burial Ground Crest Homes has applied for a site with 52 houses.

9. Police report previously circulated: HP write to Neil James (via SR) to thank him for his support of the parish, he will be missed. Action owner HP Dead-line 31.7.14

10. Highways and Footpaths

a) Highway defects: pothole on A4110 between Martin Doughty and Anthony Vaughan, pothole in Burlton Lane
b) Work for the lengthsman: footpath at Golf Club crossing point overhanging brambles etc. Grips in Badnage Lane. Resident of Haymeadow Lane moss on footpaths clerk to visit with SR chair will reply to resident.
c) St Michael’s Hospice Wheelie Big Cycle – call has been issued for local volunteers and supporters; clerk suggested pothole highlighting to improve safety for riders. Clerk to write to Balfour Beaty to ask for potholes to be filled before the ride.
Action owner HP Dead-line 10.7.14
d) SID (speed indication device) update: Martin Doughty and clerk will be working on lottery grant application for additional equipment on MD’s return.

11. Commons Inspection – carried out on Saturday 6th July by Roger Davies, Pat Groves and Alan Stokes. Richard Mills has declined offer of hay crop on Tillington Common, crop to be offered to other farmers for £1. Verge along main road very thick with weeds – clerk to pass on to Balfour Beaty as ditch will block. Ditch at top of common need clearing as can’t be seen and possible danger to pedestrians clerk to instruct Richard Mills. Ditches behind bungalows beginning to silt up. Clerk to update key holder signs. Action owner HP Dead-line 31.7.17

12. Finance

a) payment of invoices all approved:
H Philpotts (clerk’s salary and expenses) £934.27
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group expenses reimbursement – J Helme £15.56
Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (NP questionnaire analysis) £3,480.00
CAP (printing and photocopying including Neighbourhood Plan) £14.09
Cartridgesave (ink cartridges) £89.48
Grant Thornton, external auditors £240.00
Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire winner Kirsty Socket £50.00,
nominated good cause – The Little Princess Trust £50.00
Richard Mills P3 footpaths work £1,563.42
b) proposal for setting up automatic backing up of PC laptop/information £80 plus VAT cloud based back-up system Carbonite. Approved, clerk to action. Action owner HP Dead-line 31.7.17
c) grants/donations update: clerk to obtain applications for sign off at September meeting. Action owner HP Dead-line 31.7.17

13. Correspondence, Herefordshire Council, HALC & NALC updates – noted.

14. Items for next meeting: grants/donations update.

15. Date of next meeting –10 September 2014 7.30pm