Parish Council Small Grants Scheme


Parish Council Small Grants Scheme

Over many years now the Parish Council has made small grants available to organisations which support our local community.  The budget is funded through the Council’s precept.  In a few months’ time we will be starting the process of settling our budget for the 2021/22 financial year.  We would, therefore, invite local organisations to submit any grant application to the Parish Clerk by the end of September this year.  This will allow for the proposals to be considered and if they are successful, to ensure they are budgeted for.  We will let organisation know the outcome of the process early next year.

Any submitted proposals will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Is the purpose of the grant request clear?
  • Will it be spent within the 2021/22 financial year?
  • Will it benefit local parishioners?
  • Is there an alternative source of funding?
  • Is the body asking for the grant sound, from a probity perspective and does it have appropriate safeguarding policies in place?

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss a potential application.

Paulette Scholes, Clerk to Burghill Parish Council


Fraud/Scam Phone Calls Alert

Telephone fraudsters are targeting elderly and vulnerable members of the community around Herefordshire and trying to con them out of their money. Fraudsters are contacting the victims pretending to be police officers.

Be advised that these fraudsters will encourage you to put the phone down and ring 999 or your banks number. They will keep the line open so when the victim dials the new number they will go back through to the fraudster and not the real police/bank. We recommend putting the phone down multiple times, waiting at least ten minutes before using the phone again and where possible call the police or the bank on a different phone such as a mobile or neighbours phone.

Remember a police officer will never ask you for money or demand you withdraw any from your bank.

Please alert family and friends who you think may be victims.   Click on link below for more information.

Scam Advice Sheet



Shared Ownership Housing

 Herefordshire Housing have 2 x 3 bedroom Shared Ownership houses for sale on the development site in Burghill opposite the golf course.   The criteria is for local connection before anything else.   The houses are proving VERY popular so Herefordshire Housing are offering the parish of Burghill 30 days to come forward before they look at other candidates.    If interested, please either call them on 0300 777 4321 or email

Annual Canvass 2018

Annual Canvass 2018

Herefordshire’s Annual Canvass started on Monday 16th July. The purpose of the Canvass is to compile an accurate Electoral Register for use in 2018/19.

The Canvass will happen in a similar way to previous years. This means that every property in the county will be sent a “Household Enquiry Form”. This form will show all members of the household that are registered to vote. The form MUST be checked and completed, whether there are changes or not – it’s the law!

To make the return of these forms as easy as possible they can be completed using several different methods:

  1. By phone 08082 841448 (only if no changes)
  2. By text 07786 209348 (only if no changes)
  3. Online (changes can be made)
  4. By post envelope sent with form (changes can be made)

N.B. Anyone in the Household aged 18 or over, can complete this – they will need the two security numbers to do this, which are printed on the form.

All response methods are free of charge to the householder. However it is cheaper for Herefordshire Council if one of the electronic methods is used, as the paper returns cost more to process. Full and clear instructions are on the forms.

Any resident aged 18 or over can complete the form on behalf of the whole household.


Whilst each household must complete their form, this process will NOT register to vote any new people. These new people MUST also register themselves to vote individually.

The simplest way to do this is online at All they need to register is their date of birth and National Insurance number.

If you have any questions, here are our contact details:

Contact details:

Herefordshire Council Electoral Services: phone – 01432 260107

email –