Draft Notes on a meeting held on 30th November 2016

Burghill Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Meeting held 30th November 2016 in the Simpson Hall 7.30 p.m.

Present :- Anthony Vaughan, Joanna Helme, Mike Buffey, Clare Fenton, Martin Roberts, Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Lynnette Loban, Janette Pudsey, Paulette Scholes (Parish Clerk as observer). No other members of the public were present.

Apologies:- Hariette Gordon, Sally Robertson, Jenny Gay.

New Members Introduction:- New members Clare Fenton and Martin Roberts were welcomed to the meeting. Jenny Gay was unfortunately not able to attend.
A request from a new member that the proceedings be recorded was not accepted by the group.
It was explained that we are not a decision making body, but our views are forwarded to Burghill Parish Council for them to make decisions. We follow the Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Notes provided by Herefordshire Council.
We are currently in a position that we have met the requirements of Regulations 14 and 15 but not Regulation 16. We will have to re-submit any updated NDP at Reg 15 for the SEA and HRA assessments before re-submitting to HC for Reg 16

Items From Last Meeting:- A reply has been received from HC stating concerns regarding consultation and deliverability on sites at Tillington and Lower Burlton means that the draft has not met the requirements of Reg 16. They will not now send the draft for review by an independent examiner until they have been satisfied regarding deliverability and flexibility. There was considerable discussion on deliverability and members agreed that it would be impossible for the SG to be authorative on this point. It was agreed that the chairman would contact landowners with preferred sites contained in the draft NDP to ascertain their current plans regarding development. Clare F had independently received an e-mail from Samantha B stating that there were also doubts about the availability of the site for the solar farm. All relevant documents are currently displayed on the PC’s website and will continue to be uploaded to satisfy concerns regarding consultation.
Following PC’s approval of SG recommendation to fund consultant’s review of NDP a letter has been sent to them from the clerk authorising the work.
Planning permission has now been given for 50 dwellings at Tillington Road, Lower Burlton which gives an excess over and above the 18% minimum requirement for the parish when the draft NDP proposals are included.

It is not clear if Hospital Farm at Lower Burlton can be developed for housing because of legal constraints. A member understands that the farm has once again been leased for a two year period. (Information received after the meeting indicates that the existing farm lease runs for approximately another two years.)
Future of Steering Group:- The group decided to continue working on the NDP for the present. We are now waiting for the consultant’s report following their acceptance of the PC’s brief. When this is received (some time in January) it is proposed that a meeting attended by PC and SG will be held in February to discuss the way forward. It was also suggested that the PC’s chairman should call an extra-ordinary meeting of the PC specifically for NDP purposes as a means of providing information to the parish.

Written Comments from residents at Lower Burlton:- Clare F will send these to AV.

Other Items:– The chairman advised that because of time constraints it was his intention to allow attending members of the public to be given time to speak at the end of the meeting. This would also allow the meeting to flow more easily.
New members expressed concerns regarding deliverability of Site 2B and a Tillington site and whether all sites would be reviewed by our consultant when carrying out further work on the draft NDP. Both these items are covered in the consultants brief recently sent to Kirkwells. It was also suggested that Kirkwells consult with parishioners. Further suggestions were that a larger site could incorporate smaller groups of dwellings with large green spaces between them and that all draft NDP sites be removed from the draft and replaced with sites that have received planning permission.
We have been advised that if preferred sites were definitely shown to be undeliverable then their removal from the draft would not require us to return to Reg 14.
A new member was concerned about the effect paragraph 49 of the NPPF might have on the Core Strategy. (Following the meeting it was explained that para 49 does not affect either HC’s Core Strategy or our NDP.)

MJB 12.12.16