Letter from Herefordshire Council re: Local Consultation

Dear Councillors

As you will be aware, local budget consultation has now commenced with town and parish councils, businesses and focus groups.

We are seeking to generate more interest in the consultation sessions (remote zoom sessions), in particular, the Business Consultation Session on Tuesday 15 December 2020 from 12-30pm until 2-00pm.

I would be most grateful if, through your local networks, you could help generate more interest in the budget consultation sessions and in particular the session for local businesses below (copy link to register for this event).

Business consultation (12.30-2pm)


Local consultation is being led by Impact Consultancy and Research, if you have any queries on their events, please contact Sarah Fishbourne at Impact Consultancy and Research:

Email:  sarah@impactconsultancy.co.uk

Details of all the local events can be found on your Councillors’ intranet site and please do attend events if you can.

As previously advised, local consultation ends on 18 December 2020 and is immediately followed by online public consultation in the form of an online survey which runs through to 8 January 2020.

Thank you for your help and support.

Kind regards

Andrew Lovegrove

Chief Finance Officer and S151 officer

Herefordshire Council

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