Minutes 12th October 2016

Meeting held on Wednesday 12th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present:       Mark Ellis (ME), Chair,  Bernie Green (BG), Alister Walshe (AW), Martin Doughty (MD), Pat Groves (PG), Pat Eaglin (PE), Antoinette Powell (AP), Dilys Price (DP), Beryl Staite (BS), Ian Watkins (IW) ,David Warren (DW), Sally Robertson (SR) and David Bishop (DB)

In Attendance: Paulette Scholes (Parish Clerk), Anthony Vaughan (AV), Chair of NDP Steering Group and 11 members of the public

1. Confirm appointment of new Parish Clerk – appointment was proposed by ME and approved by the all the Council

2.  To accept apologies for absence – Janette Pudsey, Alan Stokes and Pauline Crockett (Ward Councillor)

3.  To receive declarations of interest – made by Alister Walshe (item 13)

4.  Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 14th September 2016, accepted and adopted by the Council (proposed by PE and seconded by DP) the Chair signed the minutes

5.  Planning: to consider the following applications

(a)  Consider and agree response to planning application 152868 Burghill Gospel Hall, Portway change of use to a dwelling – additional/amended plans submitted (deadline extended for PC comments to 14th October). This was discussed further by the Council, the same issues are still relevant, the clerk will submit the Councils view to the planning officer, that the issues still stand, therefore, the previously submitted comments remain the same.

(b) Consider and agree response to planning applications 162920, 162921 and 162922 covering urban extension of land at Three Elms, including up to 1,200 homes, neighbourhood centre, doctors surgery, leisure provision, park, employment development, change of road layout etc. ME read out a communication from the Three Elms Community Group on the above planning applications. The Council discussed the impact this would have on the environment, highways safety, sewerage and possible flooding.  This development is not in the Parish, but the Council was asked to comment, and the Council sympathise with the neighbouring parishes about this development.  The Council agreed to write to Herefordshire Council to support the concerns of the other Parish Councils affected by this large development.

(c) Question from HC Planning Officer Edward Thomas regarding application 160048 for 50 houses at the corner of Tillington and Roman Roads, does the PC wish to update or amend its comments on the application? Since the previous comments were made nothing has changed, there are still the issues of the access onto the Tillington and Roman roads and the main water pipe.  The Clerk will submit the Councils comments as previously stated.

(d) Applications update – PG referred the planning application 162018, The Spinney, Burghill, the planning application for the fence was recently refused. The Parish Council agreed that this issue should be sorted out by the Hereford Planning department should further issues arise.  Pyefinch ME reported that this development will start early November. AV has been told about a pre-application at Pennyploch, ME read an email out from David Hammond with their outline proposal for this site.Discuss and agree dates for HALC planning training – ME explained the Lynda Wilcox from HALC is willing to come and do some planning training with the Council, it was agreed early evening mid-week. ME will contact Lynda to find our suitable dates for all.

6.  Neighbourhood Development Plan – update from Anthony Vaughan, AV let the meeting know that Andy Ronneback has resigned as Treasurer from the NDP, AV offered his thanks to AR. AV informed the meeting the Herefordshire Council will not be putting forward our draft NDP to the examiner, this would have been the next stage in the NDP process. SR and JP are currently working on a letter to send to Herefordshire Council in response to this decision requesting clarification on Herefordshire Councils comments about publication on the Parish Councils website of some of our information at earlier stages, despite Herefordshire Council approving the earlier process. The Council discussed the decision to put the NDP on hold for the present time, it is also noted that they are not the only parish to have their NDP not passed onto the next stage by the examiner. All relevant information regarding the NDP will be published on the Parish Council’s website to keep the public up-dated.  AV went on to explain that adding any different planning applications to the current NDP would not be possible as a new process would be required and this would be costly.

7.  Public participation session (max 10 mins) members of the public are invited to speak or raise a matter for consideration at a future meeting. The Council have received correspondence from a member of the public regarding planning applications and the NDP, these were noted by the Council. Members of the public voiced concerns about the NDP being on hold, they felt they were not consulted enough with regard to the NDP submission.  The Council said they do all they can to keep the public informed.  Concern was raised by the public over the point we now have no NDP in progress.  This was noted by the Council and it was decided to await the outcome of the 50 house application on the Roman Road site.

8.  Finance – payment of invoices agreed
R Mills lengthsman work £147.00
Grant Thornton (external audit fee) £240.00
Simpson Hall (room hire) £80.00
Viking Direct (stationery, files and storage boxes etc for hand-over  of PC documentation) £286.78

9.  Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett including Village Gates Scheme and Village Safety Scheme – PC was absence from the meeting, this will be carried forward to the November Agenda. ME did receive an Email from PC about lengthsman work at the school. MD has had a meeting with Phil Pankhurst about the proposed positioning of the village gates. It is thought this will slow traffic down as it enters these gates into the village.  The Council are happy to progress with this to the costing stage.  MD asked for the Council’s permission to purchase more batteries for the SID (Speed Indication Device).  MD has written to Bill Wiggin MP about the road signs as Balfour Beatty say it is not their responsibility to repair.  MD will draft a letter for the Clerk to send to Herefordshire Council. Update at next meeting.  The Council discussed the speed zone around the school, and was there a need for it when the schools were on holidays.  ME will go with BG and MD to see what grass needs cutting around the school area and report back at the next meetin

10.  Update on a ‘No cold calling’ zone in the parish – SR reported that this is in the pilot stage and notices will soon be going up in windows. If 75% of these are returned then this can be enforced and the parish will become a ‘no cold calling’ zone.  The police and Herefordshire Council will be responsible for enforcing. The lengthsman will need to erect 2 signs for this.

11. Update on quotes obtained for a bus shelter at Leasown – SR has been in contact with Herefordshire Housing regarding the bus shelter as many of the people who would use this shelter are tenants of Herefordshire Housing, and they are keen to support the community. The shelter SR has looked into will be self maintained and will cost £1600 + VAT.  SR will continue with this, and report an update at the next meeting.

12.  Lengthsman & P3 scheme update, report work for the lengthsman to clerk and potholes etc to Balfour Beatty. Request for work around school to improve safety. ME said at present there is no other work for the lengthsman

13.  Commons update – Mande Eaton, Forest School Practitioner, would like to put a clay oven built on slabs, so transportable, on the Common. ME and MD will look into this and report back at the next meeting.  PE did state that she has sent previous communication to the previous clerk, about work needed at Tillington Common, ME asked PE to re-send to himself and the new Clerk.

14.  Website update – SR said this is improving and she is in contact with Mark Millmore who is currently updating the website

15.  Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates – noted from Lynda Wilcox.

16.  Items for next meeting – set budget and precept for 2017/18, Village Gates Scheme and Village Safety Scheme

17.  Date of next meeting: Wednesday 16th November 2016