Minutes 16th November 2016


Meeting held Wednesday 16th November 2016 at 7.30pm in The Simpson Hall


Present:  Mark Ellis (ME), Chair,  Alan Stokes (AS), Vice –Chair, Alister Walshe (AW), Martin Doughty (MD), Pat Groves (PG), Antoinette Powell (AP), Dilys Price (DP), Beryl Staite (BS),David Warren (DW), Sally Robertson (SR) and David Bishop (DB), Janette Pudsey (JP)

In Attendance: Paulette Scholes, Parish Clerk, Anthony Vaughan (AV), Chair of NDP Steering Group, Pauline Crockett, (PC) Parish Councillor and 16 members of the public

  1. To accept apologies for absence – Bernie Green, Pat Eagling and Ian Watkins
  2. To receive declarations of interest – David Warren (items 7&8) and Sally Robertson (item 8)
  3. Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 12th October 2016, accepted and adopted by the Council (proposed PG seconded by AW), the Chair signed the minutes
  4. Planning: to consider the following applications

(a) Consider and agree response to planning application 163299, Land adjacent to the Wetland Nursery site, Tillington, single storey residential dwelling – It is accepted that Tillington is designated as a growth settlement in line with Policy RA2 of the Core Strategy however, the dwelling proposed is neither within nor reasonably adjacent to any notional settlement boundary for Tillington, this project would comprise development in the countryside which would be seriously harmful to the character and appearance of the area around Tillington, it is not necessary for a dwelling to be constructed on the site in support of the current business and there is no sustainability, the Parish Council will not be supporting this application, the Clerk will submit the Councils comments. Action: Parish Clerk

(b) Consider and agree response to planning application 163264, Land adjacent to Clearwater Eltons Marsh, Burghill, change of use of former commercial premises to a residential dwelling – This is a rural and unsustainable location for a dwelling, the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the building is no longer needed for its permitted use in line with Policy E2 of the Core Strategy. At present this building provides valuable employment premises within the parish for a small business and every effort should be made to secure this continuity of use, the Parish Council will not be supporting this application, the Clerk will submit the Councils comments. Action: Parish Clerk

(c) Applications update – this was circulated and noted. Crowmore Lane was raised as a major concern by the Parish Council and this is noted.  SR will write to Welcome Trust and Saville’s reiterating the Parish Councils concerns. Action: Sally Robertson

(d) Agree dates for HALC planning training – HALC have come back with dates in December, it was agreed February would be more convenient, the Clerk will liaise with Lynda Wilcox at HALC for more dates to be discussed at the next meeting. Action: Parish Clerk

5. Neighbourhood Development Plan – update from Anthony Vaughan, AV let the meeting know that all relevant information is now available on the website, SR will request that space is made available in the Parish magazine for updates also. Planning permission has been granted for 50 dwellings on the triangular site on the north-western side of the junction between the Roman Road and Tillington Road. It is unfortunate that the Local Planning Authority was unable to use a recognised Burghill NDP as a reason to support the refusal of this planning application. However, we now need to ask our independent consultants to review our NDP and also to review their Site Assessment Report, so that the Parish Council can move towards re-submission of the NDP for its Regulation 15/16 process. The Parish Council is therefore requested to approve the expenditure of up to £1,500 on consultant’s fees for updating the NDP, Site Assessment Report and other documents and instructing the consultants in line with this approval. There are adequate funds in the NDP budget cover these costs. This was approved by the Parish Council.

Graphic design costing up to £200 needs to be approved, this was approved by the Parish Council, and all relevant invoices will be sent to the Clerk to pay, if not exceeding the £200.

AV asked that the Parish Council approve the nomination of two new members to the Steering Group, Clare Fenton and Jenny Gay, this was approved.  Martin Roberts will be sent the relevant forms to join the Steering Group, to be approved.

6. Public participation session (max 10 mins) members of the public are invited to speak or raise a matter for consideration at a future meeting. It was discussed that with 50 houses being approved recently we can now request that 40 houses are removed from our allocation in the NDP plan, AV went through the issues of this and by changing our NDP plan we may need to go back the beginning of the process, AV said this can be checked with the Consultants. It was agreed that the Consultants will attend a Parish Council meeting in the very near future to explain the current situation.  Mr White spoke regarding his concerns with the Parish Council and its processes in respect of the NDP Plan and other Parish Council issues.

7.  Finance – payment of invoices- agreed and paid

            P Scholes (Clerk salary and expenses) £385.26; H Philpotts (Expenses) £55.24

      R Mills (Lengthsmans work) £878.10; Eyelid Productions (updating website) £30

      Sally Robertson (Poppy wreath reimbursement) £29.25; Burghill PCC (Clock maintenance) £100

8. Budget Setting and Precept for 2017/18 – Parish Council went through and approved the budget of £20,962. This was agreed as the precept

9. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett

a) Cabinet approved the decision to become a non-constituent member of the West Midland Combined Authority, this is a group of 12 local Authorities at a cost of £25k per year, this provides regional funding opportunities

b)  Several NDP’s will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting, this is on December 1st

c) Director of Children’s Services has resigned and will leave in March 2017

d) 60 Syrian refugees will soon arrive in Hereford, 30 by the end of November and then 30 in March next year, plus 25 unaccompanied children will arrive in the next 12 months in both Hereford and Leominster

e) Dog fouling has become an issue near and around the church, SR has some signs she can ask the lengthsmans to put up and also get something in the next parish magazine

f) Hedge growth & encroachment onto the road at the top of the road that has a division to Burghill needs addressing, the Clerk will write a letter to the owner of the hedge

10. Village Gates Scheme & Village Safety Scheme – MD has been looking at possible sites with Balfour Beatty – ongoing

11. Update on a ‘No cold calling’ zone in the parish – SR will contact the lengthsman to erect the relevant signs around the parish.  Action: Sally Robertson

12. Update on a bus shelter at Leasown – SR explained that there is a grant that can be applied for to cover the cost of the bus shelter, SR will look into this – ongoing.  Action: Sally Robertson

13. Lengthsman & P3 scheme update, report work for the lengthsman to clerk and potholes etc to Balfour Beatty. Request for work around school to improve safety – ME met with MD and BG regarding the hedge cutting around the parish. The lengthsman has submitted a quote to do all the necessary work at a total cost of £1,295, this was agreed by the Parish Council.  Action: Mark Ellis

14. Commons update – AS let the meeting know that the work on the post on the Common has now been completed, and the work on the school trees in the wooded area will be done shortly.  Action: Mark Ellis

15. Website update – SR said that both she and the new Clerk would go on a training course for the website, this was agreed by the Parish Council.  Action: Sally Robertson and Parish Clerk

16. Dog fouling near the church – this was covered in item 9

17. Hedge growth & encroachment onto the road at the top of the road that has a division to Burghill – this was covered in item 9

18. Dates for meetings in 2017 – These were agreed as the second Wednesday of each month, Clerk to book Simpson Hall and get the dates in the Parish magazine.  Action: Parish Clerk 

19. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates – noted from Lynda Wilcox

20. Items for next meeting – HALC training dates and update on a bus shelter at Leasown

21. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 11th January 2017